Why Should You Take Dance Classes Before Your Wedding?

Your first dance as husband and wife will be long remembered, video taped, shared on Facebook and possibly Youtube. It will last as a cherished memory. When planning your wedding don’t forget or overlook wedding dance preparation.

A few lessons and a little time can make a huge difference.

Here are some tips that will help you out.

1. Learn the style of dance that fits your song. Give your music to your instructor ahead of time so the style of dance (e.g. waltz, rumba, cha-cha, etc.) can be determined. Let your instructor know if you want to learn basic leading and following steps or if you want a fully choreographed routine.
2. Let your personality shine. Your instructor will be able to create a dance to fit your personality and comfort level – sweet, funny, etc.
3. Start early. Begin at least a few weeks ahead of time. As the big day draws near you will want your dance ready and perfect, instead of trying to find time for extra practice.
4. Have fun. Partner dancing is fun – especially when it’s in anticipation of your wedding day.
5. While dancing in the spotlight is awkward at first, the tension will lessen over time. Classes are a great way to ease into the spotlight.

So why not take your dancing to the next level and let Stefan from Dance Smith work to help you achieve your perfect first dance. He recognizes that each and every couple has unique goals, desires, schedules and abilities and is able to tailor each program to meet your needs.

More more information feel free to visit: http://www.dancesmithcfl.com
or Dance Smith on FB: https://www.facebook.com/DanceSmithCfl

Get ready to impress your friends with a repertoire of dance moves. Your first dance together as husband and wife will certainly be cherished for years to come!!!

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