The Merits of a Gift Registry

Her Wedding PlannerYes, you may have been living together for quite some time and see no immediate need for a wedding registry. But here’s why you should have one for your ‘day of union’ in Orlando.

Getting the right things is always better than getting things you don’t need. No matter how close you are with your future in-laws, you would have different tastes in china wares.

How about those home furnishings or kitchen utensils? You don’t want to end up swapping or worse having to sell them. Of course you can always choose to keep those unneeded gift items stored somewhere. But what good is that? Years will only show their mark and make them rusted.

The best thing is to register. Just pay those stores a visit. It’s actually more fun than shopping for something you have to pay. Get the things you would want reflected. Price is not an issue. Who knows someone in your guest list might feel generous on your ‘big day’. Possible, right?

To budget-fit, include multiple price points. And do not just source from one store. Consider a couple of shops or more to make the choices even more exciting.

Of course, you may really want to skip on the gifts. Although this is highly unlikely as accepting gifts on your wedding is widely-practiced. Not to mention giving you a great start. Let’s just say you have your reasons.

Well, think again. You can create a registry for your favorite charity. Or how about for your honeymoon?

Never pass the chance. For you may never get so many wanting to give you something than on the day you walk the aisle in Orlando.

Gift Registry Etiquette

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