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Choosing Your Wedding Officiant – Tips and Advice

With all the details you have to take care of during your wedding planning, it is easy to overlook something (as easy as it seems at first sight) like choosing your wedding officiant. This, however, is a task that should be treated with priority due to so many reasons we are about to reveal to you.

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How to Spoil a Wedding Ceremony in 4 Easy Steps

Even though you cannot predict a rainy day or a cancelled flight, there are some things you can have in mind that may either make or break your wedding ceremony.

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The Best Church Wedding – What You Really Need to Know

You might think that a church wedding planning is an overwhelming and time consuming experience, but with the right tips, it’s a piece of cake. So, we’ve gathered for you the best tips available from brides who have already gone through this. Read carefully, take notes, and enjoy!

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