Secrets to Making Your Orlando ‘Dream Wedding’ Happen

Her Wedding PlannerSo you’d want to get your dream wedding happen in Orlando. If you and your future-other half have made up your mind, then there is no sense in letting someone talk you down. It’s definitely possible. Just get these three tips factored in and you’re good to go!



1. Begin with what you want. The devil is in the details. If what you want is unclear, then you are asking for trouble.


As the couple-to-be (and the major financier of this endeavor) you will have to make a choice on what kind of wedding you would want. Envision it.

Even better, write it down. Einstein was right about writing. It surely frees your mind.

Just ask yourself in earnest: How would you want your wedding to be remembered?



2. Planning is king. There is no need to get a project manager to get the job done. However, you will still have to do some tinkering. In a lot of ways, your dream wedding is like a concert tour of your fave rock star. Only thing is you have guests and not an audience; the center of the show is you.


Set your finances, timelines and deadlines. You can put a lot of twists into it, still it all boils down to people, place and the event.



3. Delegate or suffer. You do not want to end up wrecked on your wedding day having to do mini-tasks all by yourself. From the onset, divide the job into major tasks (i.e., decorations, food preparations, lightings) and get some friends to help you out.


Of course, hiring a wedding planner is an option. On the other hand, it may make no sense to pass up the chance of watching your dream wedding unfold -before your very eyes.

A Toast to Remember!
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