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Known with its wonderful theme parks, water parks, great beaches, banquet halls, luxury hotels, golf courses and country clubs, there will surely be tons of themes that you can think about for your Orlando wedding. Think out of the box and let your creativity flow with unending possibilities. Here are some of the wedding themes and ideas that you can choose for your Orlando wedding. Whether you’re a local or have plans to have a destination wedding in Orlando.

1) Wildlife Inspired Wedding – For those couples who love adventure and nature, a wildlife themed wedding would be perfect. Orlando weddings offer wide selection of reception venues that will make your big day even more spectacular. Photo courtesy of  http://www.destination-weddings-abroad.com/

2) Medieval Style Wedding – Exchange vows with chivalry and fancy colors. Experience a royal wedding with the 11th century European-style. You can create a castle-themed atmosphere and ask your guests to dress up like you were in the middle age.

3) Fairy Tale Wedding – A happily ever after wedding held in theme parks like Disney and Universal Orlando would surely be a hit. Become the princess that you have always dreamed of and meet your prince charming with a fairy-tale-inspired Orlando wedding.  Sample photo of fairy-tale inspired Orlando wedding from http://disneyweddings.disney.go.com/

4) Ancient Time Wedding – Despite the modern age, a vintage wedding has always been one of the top choices for wedding themes. Express your love and affection in the many beautiful lakes and gardens in Orlando. Isn’t it amazing to say “I do” under a magnificent oak tree or maybe in a traditional pavilion house beautifully set up? Photo on the right taken from http://www.oaktreemanor.net/

5) Cultural/Traditional Wedding – Get married with the tradition of your ancestors in one of the many beautiful and luxurious hotels in Orlando. Incorporate your wedding event with cultural backgrounds, decorations, traditional meals and cultural elements. This is a perfect way to brighten up your indoor wedding in Orlando.

6) Beach Wedding With a Twist – Beach weddings have always been one of the most romantic and sought after wedding themes.  But how about if we give it a twist and make your Orlando wedding more unique? Consider exchanging vows with a floating cottage perfectly set in the water? A perfect water reception photo from http://www.weddingcelebration.org/

7)  Country Side Wedding – Orlando has overflowing parks, garden, country clubs and wide open areas like the greenery and grand golf courses. Feel the fresh air while making your promises with a country style Orlando wedding. A country-side Orlando Wedding from  http://english-wedding.com/tag/countryside-wedding/

8) Rock N’ Roll Wedding – If you are looking for something that is unique and really different, getting married in one Orlando’s bars will definitely be a great option. Match with wild tattoos, diverse selection of rock music, black and white wedding dress and to set a mood of a true rock in roll wedding in Orlando. Photo below from http://greenweddingshoes.com/











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