Orlando: Beyond Theme Parks

Orlando-Theme-ParksWhile it is true that trips to Orlando can’t be called complete without visiting one of its major theme park attractions, theme parks are not the only highlights Orlando has under its belt.

The city is actually home to a diverse range of museums and attractions, as well as home to different festivals, celebrations and sporting events.

Here are some of Orlando’s must-visit attractions, apart from its world famous theme park attractions.

Museums and Cultural Centers – memorable experiences in Orlando don’t always have to involve its theme parks, with its range of museums and cultural centers being noteworthy attractions on their own.

From Orlando’s range of “house of curiosities” to its eclectic dedicated spaces for art and artists, the city’s culture and arts scene is quite active, just as its science centers and historical heritage sites are worthy of everyone’s attention.

Golf, Tennis and More – sporting events and centers are also quite active in Orlando, active enough to have made them attractions that are unique to the city.

From golf to tennis, there’s practically a venue that caters to all sorts of sports in the city, from the most competitive of sports to the most casual of games.

Dinner/Dining Attractions – while often banded with theme parks, Orlando’s dinner/dining attractions are actually a class of their own, consistently frequented by out-of-towners in search for a unique dining experience that isn’t readily found anywhere else.

Newlyweds and honeymooners are known to frequent the city’s range of dinner/dining attractions, with their participation often described as truly memorable experiences that aren’t easy to forget.

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