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05_Flatbed_1 APRILOrlando City in Orange County, Florida is, without a doubt, one of the world’s more well known tourist destinations, having a name that is synonymous with theme parks.

With Walt Disney World being one of its more well known attractions, the city has practically had its share of tourists and guests from different walks of life, from honeymooners to couples who specifically picked the city as the best place to be wed.

If you are intent with Orlando being the venue for your destination wedding, here are some things which you may want to know about, a clarification of misconceptions about Orlando, if you will.

There are no theme parks in the city proper – With Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios being Orlando’s more well known theme parks, many think of the city as one that is steeped with theme park attractions here and there.

However, there are no theme parks in the city proper. Walt Disney World, for example is actually nearer to Lake Buena Vista, though it isn’t really that far from the city.

There’s more to Orlando than theme parks – Orlando is not all about theme parks, with its share of known unique dinning destinations and recreation centers. Its range of dining/dinner attractions is almost as famous as its theme parks are, just as a number “house of curiosities” based in the city have earned its own share of followers too.

Tourist Season is troublesome – Given the fact that it is a major tourist hub in the region, many assume that visiting Orlando during tourist season makes the trip not worth the effort.

However, as with all trips, booking for tickets and accommodations early does well in keeping visits to Orlando stress-free.

If you’ve set Orlando as your destination wedding city, you can steer clear from booking and scheduling problems by booking early, regardless if it is tourist season or not.

Orlando: Beyond Theme Parks
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