Making Your Bridal Party Unique

Her Wedding PlannerHaving a unique bridal shower can pay huge dividends. At the very least, your Orlando wedding will already get a lot of attention – and less budget-constrained too. Read on and get caught up in a bridal party to remember.


  1. Try Sports. Well, going into basketball can be too extreme perhaps. Possible but highly-unlikely. On one end, a bowling shower can do the trick. No need to be too sweaty. In fact, this sport is very elegant, form and all.
  2. The bright side is there is no need to do the decors. Just book the alley. And taste those cheesy fried foods so common in bowling places.


  1. Chill in a Spa Shower. Why not make everyone relaxed. Bringing your guests to a spa can work wonders. Not only does it de-stress you and your team in time for the wedding, you get your faces cleaned up in a facials. An important note though: Don’t schedule your spa shower to close to your wedding as many faces can end up blotchy on the big day.


  1. Do the yoga thing. A yoga shower can be very relaxing, too ( with a lot of twists and turns of course). And the good thing is you could do it right at home. No need of extra stuff; you just have to make sure an instructor is in to guide the crowd in their journey towards ‘greater calm’ via deep-breathing.
  2. No big deal. Just make sure you get to utter ‘Namaste’ the right way.
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