Making Astounding Wedding Receptions

Her Wedding PlannerIt may not occur to you but you can turn your wedding receptions in Orlando amazing with these simple methods and make your guests say “wow”.




Create an atmosphere of fun and excitement as they enter your prepared location.

–        Baloons can make a strong appeal. Put in the right place they can fill the air with festivity. A ballon arch placed on your head table can be most touching.

–        Make use of tissue bells. With a rainbow of colors they can create a great accent to your color scheme.

–        Garlands are not only inexpensive, they can make your occasion glamorous.


It’s on the Table


Make the table a piece of art to welcome your guests.

–        Make use of colorful plastic covers and don your tables with table skirts. You can brighten things up with floral table clips.

–        Jazz the table with color through colorful paper plates, cups and various plastic silverware.

–        Put into use colorful napkins. They might be a necessity but that does not mean they can’t be fabulous.


Make the Center an Attraction


Centerpieces can be especially astounding.

–        Accentuate your centerpieces with candlelight for a pretty glow.

–        Evoke romance with heart pieces sprinkled all around.

–        Use floating flowers or candles to match your wedding theme.


These are just simple ideas for your wedding reception. But if you make use of them they make your receptions enviable – making your guest thank you for not forgetting to invite them on your wedding.

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