Financial Planning for Your Orlando Wedding in 5 Simple Steps

Wedding Financial PlanningBalance is important in a wedding – in Orlando or anywhere else; spending too much may give you wonderful keepsakes but it could jeopardize the early years of your married life. As usual, taking the route of thorough planning could be best. Here are 5 simple steps – incorporating them could save you from breaking the bank.

Step 1: List.

Employing a list seems elementary but its merits cannot be overemphasized. Put into writing all those things that you think you need for the wedding. This is assuming you have already sat down and discussed what kind of wedding you want.

Step 2: Categorize.

Break your expenses into major categories. For instance, place cake under the category of food or for that matter wines. Categories help you complete the line-up.

Another useful version of categorizing is creating a mind map. Using a big sheet of paper – bigger is better – write wedding in the center. Next, write the major categories, emanating from the center. Under these categories, write the different expenses.

Step 3: Consult.

Chances are your list will have loopholes. Refer to married friends for advice. Show them your list or send them detail via email. It is important that you seek experience for best results.

Step 4: Utilize wedding templates.

Many wedding sites offer wedding templates (Mr. Google can help you). These templates makes calculating a budget easier for you.

If you are not too keen about templates, using an Excel spreadsheet is also fine – just that these may not be as tailored.

Step 5: Adjust.

Now that you see the picture, seek ways to improve it. You may find the running total a little too expensive. Find an item that may not be as important and seek to limit it.

Deleting it from your list is also possible. For instance, some have utilized beer toasts in lieu of the traditional wine. Take your time. Haste may give you a lot of waste.

Remember, in your wedding most – if not all – of the financing will come from you, no one else.

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