Booking the Right Wedding Photographer in Orlando

Her Wedding PlannerGetting that photographer could be a daunting task for your Orlando wedding. But as immortalized in a song,”A picture is worth a thousand words.” Here are basic essentials to get your big day the photographer it truly deserves.


Check the Evidence

Words will not give you a lot. Check your potential photographer’s photographs to know his style. His body of work should be a good indicator on how your wedding will appear frozen in a frame. Check for consistencies. If you do not like what you see, then there is no sense booking that one. Move on and see another one.

Are his pictures moving you? Does his body of work convey a certain uniqueness? Is there a consistent touch of genius in his work? Choosing the right photographer is not a gamble but a well-thought out decision.


Consider Presence

Photography is an art. The photographer must be ever-present without being obstructive. Seen but not felt. So being comfortable with your photographer is a must. Talk to a prospect personally as much as possible. Skype him if he is out-of-town. If he is someone who gives you a scare being around, then booking him may not be a wise decision.


Price Considerations

Professionals command a price, but a good list should get you a good one at a good price. Widen your options by listing many. Compare them one by one and take away the undesirables. A professional who is a friend of a friend can give you discounts, quite possibly. Remember though that getting a friend to do a professional job may not be a good idea as it is harder to demand on someone who does not ask to be paid.



Your wedding is but a small part of your life, time-wise. With the right photography, however, it becomes a memory of a lifetime – something your kids and grandkids will cherish forever.

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