A Toast to Remember!

Her Wedding PlannerSince time immemorial, wines have become synonymous to merrymaking. However, if you’re familiarity with these alcoholic beverages is but elementary, fret not. Here are some worthwhile guidelines to get the fun in your wedding celebration swelling with the spirit of wine.


Where Wine Meets Food

Identify your food flavors or style first; match your wine accordingly. Your wine should be a match to your variety of food and not vice versa.

Bubbly champagnes could be complemented with both a mix of reds and whites. As a frontrunner, Chardonnay – currently the most sought-out white wine – can do you no wrong. So does the crispness of Riesling bottles, another classic white favorite.

As for your red wine category, Caberet Sauvignon can really get the party started. On the other hand, a softer red in Pinot Noir offers a wider latitude – greater food pairing options.

For its part (though many groan) a White Zifandel has been known to be a treat for some.


Getting Your Wedding Toast Right

Get classy with those pre-ordered, engraved flutes. They are a must for your toasts. Arrange for the people you would want to give the toast ahead of time. You don’t want it turning into a boring lecture.


Also, keep in mind though that there is no need to get your guests intoxicated; rule of thumb says a couple of glasses should do it.


As in any celebration the merrymaking can turn ugly.  Keeping things in moderation can save you a lot of trouble and a host of friends.  In this regard, a little planning can go a long way to getting your Orlando wedding in order.

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