A Simple Guide to Your Budget-Wedding

Her Wedding PlanTruly, there is nothing wrong in throwing a lavish reception for your wedding or for that matter a trip around the world in a Love Boat as a honeymoon tour. By all means, if it fits within your budget. But for those who choose to pinch some and pinch some more – perhaps for a brand new car – here is a simple guide to do it and still retain a host of ‘wonderful memories’.


Do not start with those ‘nice things’ that you would want for your wedding rather start with budgeting first. For instance, those designer shoes or those wonderful wedding venues can sure sweep you off your feet. As many would have it, it is easy to be mesmerized with what you want.


However, rather than spending on a whim, decide ahead on how much you are going to spend for your wedding. Then from there, work on that budget.


There is a reason why great companies do a lot of paper work financially. One of this is that it is easier to work a budget when you have things in writing.


So if you are really serious in getting a budget-wedding, the next step is write your wedding financial plan after you’ve decided on your budget. You can do this by listing down all those things that you would have to spend upon for your wedding, giving each a priority. Definitely, a fancy wedding cake is not as important as the food for your reception.


Once you have things prioritized, find out where you can cut costs. It would be easier to cut on those expenses that seem important when you have things written down.


Remember, statistics have it that nothing ruins a wedding more than the burden of unnecessary debts. So keeping your ‘big day’ in Orlando budget-friendly could be the best decision that you and your future partner-in-life made for more wonderful years ahead.

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