3 Great Tips – Who Says Getting a Best Man is Tough?

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This need not be tough you know. But like zeroing in on the final day of the wedding, helping your future other-half find a ‘best man’ – among many – can be grueling.  Here are 3 vital tips that should give your hunt for ‘the man beside your man’ a jumpstart.


1.  Is he known to deliver? The role is no pleasure cruise. A best man help make the wedding happen (i.e., setting the stag party, attending wedding rehearsals and suit fittings). This is part of the terrain. Though the responsibilities may differ, still you would not want a known sleepyhead ruin your big day.


1. Is it practical to get him? Getting somebody from another state far-away is possible but may not be practical. If he’s just to fly to your location on the day of the wedding, how much helpful can he be?


2. Does he fit your wedding? Some people chose to have a solemn wedding; some have a more relaxed atmosphere. Match your best man’s personality to the kind of wedding that you want. After all, you wouldn’t want ending up squirming on your seat when he’s in front of everybody making his best man’s killer speech.



Cross checking your list with the pointers above can save you a lot of time. It is important that his role is clear as crystal right from the very start. After all, he’s somebody who will stand by your man as you walk down the aisle – making the wedding of your dreams in Orlando happen.

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